Thursday, March 10, 2016

EBoard Election Results

After holding elections at our meeting tonight, brothers Jeremy Mader and Matt Burns have been elected to the Executive Board. The new officer positions will take effect immediately. Congrats to both of you! A heart felt thank you to brothers Danny Keyes and Austin Bigdely for all of your hard work and dedication over the past few years on the EBoard! The current EBoard members are:

President: Jeremy Mader
Vice President: Scott Schermerhorn
Secretary / Treasurer: Matt Burns
Training / Education Trustee: Vacant
Brotherhood Trustee: Andrew Carver

Sunday, December 20, 2015

F.O.O.L.S. C.A.R.E.S.

The Indianapolis, Middle Tennessee, and Redneck Rivera F.O.O.L.S. chapters initiated this program to prompt discussion and raise awareness about suicide. The stigma associated with suicide inhibits discussion and we are seeing too many of our bothers and sisters ending their lives. We believe F.O.O.L.S. C.A.R.E.S. will help us be our brother’s keeper and prevent suicide.

CALL...Encourage the courage to call for help. Proudly wear the
F.O.O.L.S. C.A.R.E.S. tetrahedron on your helmet so others will
ask what it is about!

ASK...Don’t wait for another suicide, ask how you and your chapter can
help spread the word and eliminate the stigma associated with
asking for help the need and take a suicide awareness/prevention class

ENCOURAGE...your administration and community to provide resources to
raise awareness and provide help

SAVE A LIFE by talking about this issue and lending an ear; sometimes all
you have to do is take the time listen

We have designed the following tetrahedron to raise awareness and get folks talking. We hope it will cause others to ask you what it means and start the dialogue about suicide prevention. The number on the tetrahedron is the same number posted on the F.O.O.L.S. International web site. 1-800-273-(TALK) 8255

We are asking other F.O.O.L.S. chapters to order these self stick, reflective helmet tetrahedrons to wear proudly and join the Indianapolis, Middle Tennessee & Redneck Riviera F.O.O.L.S. raise awareness and help prevent the next contemplated suicide.

• Chief Level: 100 tetrahedrons = $60
• Captain Level: 50 tetrahedrons = $44
• Lieutenant Level: 25 tetrahedrons = $28
• Firefighter Level: 10 tetrahedrons = $17

You will be able to buy these soon please check back....

Let’s make more of a difference than we already do and be the leaders in this arena to wipe out suicide in the American Fire Service!


Manuel Navarro, President Indianapolis F.O.O.L.S.
Dave Brasells, President Middle Tennessee F.O.O.L.S.
Scott Gamache, President Redneck Riviera F.O.O.L.S.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 F.O.O.L.S. International Convention *UPDATE*

2015 FOOLS International Convention

Hosted by: Brothers of the Boot

OCTOBER 7 - 10, 2015

Follow the link below for all convention information:

Friday, May 22, 2015

F.O.O.L.S Blog Talk Radio: Episode 1042

Robbie Fisher (Educational Trustee) and Ben Fleagle (Secretary) will be talking with Zach King (Pres. Lone Star F.O.O.L.S.) about his article on fireground tempo. Zach's artilce is titled, Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast. Join us for the discussion.
President Richie Stack will go over some F.O.O.L.S. news and will recap FDIC 2015. Also, we will get a convention update from Brothers of the Boot.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Upcoming meeting / event dates

All meetings will be at 7pm unless otherwise noted
All events in yellow are tentative dates
February 16 - Mellow Mushroom in Herndon
April 1 - Kilroy's in Springfield
June 8 - MacDowell Brew Kitchen in Leesburg
June 28 - World Police and Fire Games bash
August 5 - Auld Shebeen in Fairfax
October 6 - O'Faolains in Sterling
November - Nearly Naked Mile?
December 1 - TBD
December 10 - Naughty or Nice Pub Crawl?